Although in classical homeopathy, only one remedy is generally prescribed at a time, homeopathic treatment may be combined with phytotherapy, a kind of refinement of the diet to include extracts of specialized plants, or “medicinal foods.”  In this sense, phytotherapy is “herbal nutrition.”

The philosophy of herbal formulas is that the combinations of different herbs, mushrooms, animal, or mineral,  may generate therapeutic synergy, the balancing of extremes such as warming herbs and cooling, moistening vs. drying.  Like classical homeopathy, the best phytotherapy is individualized to a specific patient at a specific time. Nevertheless, there is also a tradition of combining herbs into formulae which may be used in a general way by different patients seeking benefit for common conditions or problems.

An herbal formula has some advantages over prescribing individual herbs.  Herbs in formula dilute the effects of each other, so that doses of all herbs included is relatively low, and well within the range of safety. Side effects are correspondingly minimized. Nevertheless, because of therapeutic synergies between different herbs, benefit may accrue from much lower doses of individual herbs than would be ordinarily expected were the herbs prescribed alone.

At the present time, an herbal formula pertinent to the pandemic is being developed.  Named Core-Own-A 26 it is a hand-crafted blend of the ethanolic extracts of 26 different herbs, including one medicinal mushroom.  Although it is not yet available as a nutritional supplement, a laboratory version produced with the same natural, largely organic, kosher, and food-grade ingredients and solvent, is available in a very limited supply for qualified researchers interested to study herbal extracts with possible antiviral or viral-preventive properties.  Researchers are invited to contact us for more information and possible academic collaboration.  A listing of the herbs and their relative physical presence in the formula, with supporting references, is provided in the document which may be opened here.